I shoulda known: Gov. Owens Vetoes Emergency Contraception Bill

By | April 6, 2005

And here I was, all excited that Governor Bill Owens might actually do the right thing for a change. Boy, was I wrong. When given the chance, Owens vetoed the Emergency Contraception Bill approved by the Coloardo legislature.

Owens continues to prove that he completely misses the point of the bill: “‘This bill would violate fundamental constitutional principles by forcing an institution to say things to patients that it explicitly does not believe to be morally or ethically valid,’ said Owens, a Roman Catholic who has campaigned on conservative values.”

The bill was not trying to force anyone to say that they agreed with emergency contaception. Nor was it trying to force hospitals to perform abortions. It simply would’ve required that all hospitals let rape victims know that emergency contraception is an option.

“Rep. Fran Coleman, D-Denver, a supporter of the bill, said she was disappointed.

‘This was about emergency contraception. Rape victims didn’t ask for that procreation,’ said Coleman, who had likened emergency contraception for rape victims to having a bullet removed.”

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