Winamp is dead?

By | November 11, 2004

As unbelievable and sad as this sounds, it would appear that Winamp is dead! While I personally thought there were better media players for Windows (the excellent Zinf comes immediately to mind), Winamp was a solid music player for Windows. And it kept a large number of people away from the dreadful Windows Media Player.

But AOL now has only a couple of members of the original Nullsoft team. “For its part, AOL says it remains committed to Winamp, stating it is ‘a thriving product that AOL continues to support and will continue to support.’

But without those who poured their heart and soul into building the software, Winamp seems destined to meet a fate similar to fellow audio player Sonique, after Lycos saw the departure of its development team. Sonique has stagnated for years, and development ceased altogether last March.”

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