Followup – Mallory’s Law

By | May 26, 2004

Back in January, I posted a pointer to a story describing Mallory’s Law, a bill named for Mallory Funaro, who was killed in an accident after her passenger fled the scene instead of calling for help. At the time, the law was a bill working its way through the Colorado senate. The law would make it a felony for a passenger in an accident to flee the scene of the accident.

I received an email from Bev Funary, Mallory’s mother, with good news and bad news about the bill. With permission, I am quoting Bev’s email in full:

I am Mallory’s mother, Bev Funaro. Governor Owens signed Mallory’s Law 4/23/04. A passenger who leaves the scene of an accident without reporting is now a misdemeanor. The Senate removed some of the language that would have led to a felony conviction because the fiscal analyst would attach at least one prison bed. What that boy did was not only inhumane but criminal, as well. I am very disappointed that Mal’s life isn’t worth one prison bed.

Even though disappointed, I do appreciate that the House, Senate, and the Governor passed Mallory’s Law. I understand that it is very difficult to pass any law and that our state budget is a problem. When the budget recovers, I intend to go back and request that Mallory’s Law be amended to a felony, the same as it is for a driver. It is not appropriate that a passenger does not have the same responsibility as a driver.

Mallory’s mom
Bev Funaro

I agree with Bev, I think that this should be a felony. Fellow bloggers, please feel free to distribute Bev’s email on your blog. Her message should get out.

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