My Weblog Personality Type Analysis

By | April 25, 2004

Okay, I took the Weblog Personality Type Analysis quiz to avoid doing homework Sunday morning. The result started off sounding good, but in the end I realized that I was being harshed on. I hate it when that happens! My analysis results:

Congratulations! You’re a totally normal person.

If you had a weblog, it’d probably be a great one!

Why are you even taking this survey? You’re obviously completely normal. You probably look on weblogs with the same disdain shown by all people of your elite personal perfection, however, if you do like weblogs, I’m sure you have a damned good reason. Kudos to you for retaining some measure of sanity in this mixed-up, shook-up, fucked-up world. We thank you for taking time out of your busy normal life to look this survey over.

If you found this dumb shit entertaining, be sure to read complete guide to Why I Fucking Hate Weblogs!


On the plus side, the quiz itself is quite funny. And the author’s rant-ish essay on weblogs is amusing, too. Obviously (since I am posting this), I don’t agree with his main point, that weblogs suck. But I am still amused at what he has written.

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