AFA Poll: Who should be the next president?

By | March 10, 2004

Those wacky people at the American Family Association are at it again. Earlier this year, they started an online poll asking if American’s were against gay marriage. AFA expected the poll to be used only by AFA members, which would mean that the poll results would show American’s dead-set against gay marriage. But word of the poll leaked out on the internet, and the final results showed that Americans overwhelmingly support legal civil unions or marriage for homosexuals.

Well, this time around, the AFA is asking Who should be the next president? The AFA is, of course, hoping that everyone will vote for George Bush. But at the current time, the poll shows Bush in third place, with John Kerry pulling in 90% of the vote, Ralph Nader pulling in 6% and Bush limping behind with 3%.

I think it is time that someone at the AFA decides that running these polls is not a good idea…

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