8,000 Copies Of Aspen Newspapers Taken

By | August 28, 2003

There’s an absolutely bizzare story out of Aspen. Somone stole 8,000 copies of the Aspen Daily News and Aspen Times Wednesday. These are both free newspapers, so legally a crime was not committed here.

The reason for the stolen newspapers appears to be one of the headline stories in the Wednesday edition of the papers. Apparently, someone did not want Aspen citizens to read one of the stories in the paper, so they stole the whole lot of papers on Wednesday.

Of course, this was a pretty stupid thing to do. Now news outlets are running the story about the theft, which makes people curious about what the stories were. Both newspapers are available online (Aspen Times, Aspen Daily News). The theft will probably end up with many more people reading the stories than if the papers weren’t stolen.

Looking at the archives of the two newspapers, the story that seems most likely to embarrass someone is regarding a drug bust in Carbondale, where a 46-year old couple and their 21 year old son were arrested on drug possession charges. However, it is impossible to say whether or not this story prompted the newspaper theft.

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