The reason I am no longer a Democrat…

By | March 13, 2003

There’s a really good reason why I abandoned the Democrat party and joined the Green Party. Once, I was a staunch member of the Democratic party. That was back when the Democratic party used to stand for something. However, somewhere during the 1990s, the Democratic party completely lost its identity. The Democrats stopped being about issues and beliefs, and started being about votes. The Democrats will now only take the popular point of view on an issue, instead of standing up for what is right.

A good example of this is the upcoming war. Most members of the Democratic party are already either supporting the war, or are keeping quiet. But things get worse than that. Those who are actually speaking out against the war right now, such as Kerry and Dean, have said that they will stop speaking out against the war once the fighting starts.

HUH? Why in the hell would Kerry and Dean stop working against the war just when they are needed most? Kerry says he is trying to show support for the troops. But what our soldiers need is not silence, they need someone working here to try and stop the war as soon as possible. Kerry is doing a disservice to our fighting men and women. He should not be biting his tongue, he should be knocking on doors, trying to convince this administration to end this madness.

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