By | October 17, 2002

I really don’t know what to make of this story regarding an email to someone in the White House which may or may not have been sent from within the White House. The email speaks critically of Hispanic members of Congress who opposed the war on Iraq.

On one hand, I cannot believe that anyone in this administration would be stupid enough to write something like this. On the other hand, I am reminded of the “Fool me twice, shame on… shame on you…” speech. Bush obviously is not a very intelligent man, and many members of his administration follow right along with him. The contents of the email (“If they have a defense for their actions, they should deliver it to the kids in uniform that could one day have their ass shot off to protect these ninnies!”) definitely sounds like something that this administration would believe. And I am sure they say things like this in private.

But would they actually write it down in an email? Would they really create a public record about this? Are they really that stupid?

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