By | May 4, 2001

I have stated before that I cannot believe how amazingly evil “President” Bush has become since taking office on January 20. I think that most liberals knew that Bush was not going to be a good president. But I am not sure we realized just how quickly Bush would start tossing aside election promises and start selling out the country for business interests.

Bush’s unbelievable dismantling of environmental protection laws and programs is very disheartening. It is obvious that Bush will do whatever the oil industry asks him to do, no matter how horrible a price this extracts on our environment. But even scarier than this is Bush’s willingness to sacrifice world peace so defense contractors can make a lot of money. Bush doesn’t really believe the US faces a nuclear disaster, he just wants to make a huge amount of money for the companies that end up with the contract to build a missile defense system.

For a somewhat-biased take on the latest Bush-inspired news, I suggest you check out Earthside News. This site specializes in news relating to the environment and environment protection stories; you might guess that it is pretty anti-Bush. It is still well worth the read.

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