By | October 31, 2000

I had an absolutely bizzare and chilling nightmare the other night. It was enough to wake me up out of a solid, deep sleep. It started out as my normal tornado dream. I am in a mountain town somewhere (probably my hometown of Trinidad, CO, but I don’t know for sure), and suddenly, from out of nowhere, a tornado is coming directly towards me. In my dream, me and my fiancee went running into a cinderblock house and hid under two seperate beds.

This is where the dream changed from the normal to the bizzare. As we were waiting for the tornado to actually hit the house, I realized that there was a baby on top of the bed. I looked up, and the baby started talking to me! There was something about the look of the baby that was creepy, but I didn’t know what it was. (The fact that a five-month old baby was talking didn’t seem to phase me, though.) I asked the baby how he got to be on the bed, and he started talking about his mom taking him out of his crib, carrying him around, and then slamming his head into a table, breaking his neck! I suddenly realized that the baby was dead, and I was talking to a ghost!

I then finally saw what was creeping me out about the baby. The baby had a hypodermic need sticking through his eye. In my dream, both me and my fiancee started screaming! And that’s when the nightmare ended.

It may not sound like much, but it scared the HELL out of me!

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