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By | September 19, 2009
  • Damn, missed my train, by like 30 seconds. 😛 Mondays can be so weird. Not a good start. #fb #
  • Ah, caffeine. Risky drinking something strong in the middle of the afternoon, but I couldn’t resist the siren call… #
  • RT @shawnz: Write. Edit. Write. Edit. Edit. Edit. Edit. Write. #
  • RT @shawnz: I always thought Sheila E. was singing about a Love Bazaar, but the song is A Love Bizarre. Quite different, actually… /LMAO! #
  • RT @casspa: This is not going to end well [Pic]: http://digg.com/d314JTp?t (via @xdvx) #
  • God I love Jimmy Carter. He seems more willing than any former president to say things exactly as he sees them. #
  • RT @copywriting: Awkward moments in facebook “likes” – http://3hgue.tk <— LMAO!!! #

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