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Google Video of the Day: Dark Sided

I knew that I had to blog the Google Video showing a right-wing religious wacko going psycho on Trading Spouses. The only question was whether I posted the link on my political blog, or my livejournal. In the end, I decided to post it on both. The scary thing is, I know a couple of… Read More »

Dispatch From the War on Christmas

Awesome satirical piece on DailyKos: “Dispatch From the War on Christmas”: This whole war has been a nightmare. I was at Circuit City yesterday, looking for a cheap DVD player. Out front they had a “Happy Holidays” banner that must have been in letters three feet high. I stepped under it, may Jesus forgive me,… Read More »

Evolution is religion?

This is bizarre…. apparently, someone is suing the University of California-Berkeley, saying that their Understanding Evolution website is advocating religious beliefs. In the lawsuit filed last month, the Caldwells contend the site is an effort “to modify the beliefs of public school science students so they will be more willing to accept evolutionary theory as… Read More »

Intelligent Design-friendly school board voted out

How do you handle the current attempt by religious zealots to introduce creationism bundled as Intelligent Design into public school curricula? Well, if you live in Dover, Pennsylvania, you vote the entire school board out of office! “All eight Dover, Pennsylvania school board members up for re-election have been booted out after introducing intelligent design… Read More »

Intelligent design again

There’s a very good article up at Yahoo! News detailling the origins of Intelligent Design. It’s a pretty fair article, though reading through it I still don’t understand how anyone could not see ID for what it is: creationism with a new name. The article wraps up with a description of a lawsuit being argued… Read More »