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Intelligent Design in Colorado schools? *PLEASE* tell me it isn’t so!

I was shocked and horrified that the state legislature is actually going to discuss whether or not Intelligent Design should be taught in Colorado schools. Intelligent friggin’ Design! When exactly did our education system slip back in time 80 years? Fortunately, hopefully, the Democratic majority in the state congress will quickly vote this down. But just the fact that it is being discussed at all is scary. I would not have a problem if IDLearn More

NTiR: I’ll leave the foot washing to Jesus (John 13-18)

The Gospel of John is weighing on me. I am really not liking it much at all. As I noted in my previous post, there are just so many things in John that are different or don’t exist in the other Gospels. And John is putting so much energy into painting Jesus as confident and sure of his own divinity, but it comes off as cocky and preachy. I’ll have more in a conclusion atLearn More

NTiR: John 3:16 makes me shudder in horror (John 1-6)

Thank you for coming back to read more of this series, The New Testament in Review. As much as I liked the Gospel of Luke, I am starting to get a bit bored with the Gospels. It’s the same thing as reading four novels based on the same events back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Even though the gospels are so different, and the authors had different views on what events happened and what they meant, in the end, theLearn More

NTiR: Luke gives a different tale of Christ’s death (Luke 19-24)

Thank you for coming back to read more of this series, The New Testament in Review (NTiR). Jesus’s death is creeping nearer and nearer, but a funny thing happens on our way there: Luke’s story starts to deviate from Matthew and Mark’s. Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ways. But the overall effect highlights the fact that the Gospels are written by different authors, and those authors have different views, different philosophies, and differentLearn More

NTiR: Jesus sings, but does he dance? (Luke 13-18)

Thank you for coming back to read more of this series, The New Testament in Review. I’ve heard it said that people cannot or will not envision Christ as a human, with human interests. Luke hints at Jesus as a drinker, a joker and a singer. I don’t know about you, but I find this depiction of Jesus much more than the idea of a conservative (not in the political sense) goody two shoes whoLearn More

NTiR: Luke 7, the most wondrous chapter in the Bible

Thank you for coming back to read more of this series, The New Testament in Review. If I could only read one chapter in the entire Bible, it would be Luke 7.  Words fail me when I try to describe the beauty of this chapter. Forgiveness and love are brought to life. Faith and redemption intermingle and flow off the pages of the book. This chapter by itself is a masterpiece. Please, please take theLearn More

The New Testament in Review: The Gospel of Luke 1-6

Thank you for coming back to read more of this series, The New Testament in Review. The Gospel of Luke I am a little surprised at how hard it is to keep up this pace. I am pretty sure I am going to start spreading out the post dates for these posts. I might go from twice a week to once a week. The downside is it would take the equivalent of a month toLearn More

Scientists and evangelicals working together… MASS HYSTERIA!!!

Well, okay, it’s not mass hysteria. But it is always more than a little odd when Evangelical Christian leaders and scientists agree to work together. Normally the evangelical churches view scientists as heretics at best, anti-Christians at worst. But there’s apparently one issue that is large enough to bridge this gap: global warming: “Whether God created the Earth in a millisecond or whether it evolved over billions of years, the issue we agree on isLearn More

Pat Robertson has lost it

I think it is safe to say that Pat Robertson has pretty much lost all contact with reality: In what has become an annual tradition of prognostications, religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Tuesday God has told him that a terrorist attack on the United States would result in “mass killing” late in 2007.”I’m not necessarily saying it’s going to be nuclear,” he said during his news-and-talk television show “The 700 Club” on the Christian BroadcastingLearn More

Stick a fork in Intelligent Design

Well, maybe that’s jumping the gun a bit. But a precedent has been set for Intelligent Design to be kept out of science courses in public schools. “Intelligent design” cannot be mentioned in biology classes in a Pennsylvania public school district, a federal judge said Tuesday, ruling in one of the biggest courtroom clashes on evolution since the 1925 Scopes trial. Dover Area School Board members violated the Constitution when they ordered that its biologyLearn More

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