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Old journal entry – discovering Daosim http://ping.fm/gaTMk

Outer bands of Hurricane Irene in Miami http://ping.fm/MjRP8

Futurama in legos! http://ping.fm/qS5aU

Last Airbender: “the main elements: air / water / earth / fire” @billcorbett: “Leeloo!”

Whoa, I am coherent, awake and alert. On a Monday morning. This is so weird… Who in the hell have I become?!?!?!?!?

Interesting – the county I grew up in (Las Animas in Colorado) has a fairly high percentage of same-sex couples. Never would’ve guessed that! http://ping.fm/Ecg6Z

OTA update to Gingerbread!!! http://ping.fm/ZGYCI

SEIZE THE BONE!!!! http://ping.fm/Du0um

“I didn’t think b00bs existed in 1934!” Rifftrax of Maniac (http://ping.fm/VmcSG)

Seven more hours ‘til @RiffTraxLive hits the screen! I am soooo there! http://ping.fm/hgERF