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A tale of two malls

It’s the middle of winter in 2007. My children are restless, and I am out of ideas on what to do to keep them entertained. It’s too cold outside for them to play, and too boring in the house. I decide that we need to take a trip, somewhere fun. So I load the kiddos up into our mini-van and hit the road. Destination: the Westminster Mall. Perhaps a mall doesn’t sound like a fun destination. ThereLearn More

Photo: Counter gay-basher at the DNC

More pics to follow, I just liked this one enough that I had to post it now. 🙂 I was at the duelling protests between the brain-dead gay bashers and pretty much everyone else on the 16th Street Mall yesterday. I’m going to put pictures up on my blog (http://biffster.org) soon. While the rhetoric was very heated between the two groups, everyone was doing what they were supposed to. No one was stepping off ofLearn More

Iraq War Demonstration: 1/27/2007, 12:00pm @ Capitol bldg, Denver

Iraq War Demonstration: Saturday, January 27th at noon, on the west steps of the Capitol in Denver, there will be a demonstration in favor of peace in Iraq, diplomatic solutions to the current conflict and the safe return of American troops. For those who favor a change in the policy that our administration has been pursuing and continues to pursue, this would be a good time and place to express your position. The demonstration isLearn More

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