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Selling a house and/or selling a national budget

I’ve been looking over President Obama’s budget, and am still surprised at how progressive it is. There is a lot more requested there than I would’ve imagined he would ask for. And that made me stop for a second and consider why he asked for such a huge budget. And then I remembered how we listed our price when we sold our house. We figured out how much we really wanted to walk away with,Learn More

Biden deflects a right-wing ambush

Leave it to Joe Biden to not just deflect an ambush by a right-wing leaning reporter, but to turn things around and make the reporter look foolish. The interviewer almost immediately attacks, trying to bring up some of the latest round of McCain campaign Obama smears (the ACORN issue, accusing Obama of being a Marxist or Socialist). Biden doesn’t even flinch, as he answers the charges and ridicules the questions, all at the same time.Learn More

No more Mr. Nice Guy – Obama and foreign language education

Barack Obama is already showing that he is not going to ignore unfounded attacks. Apparently he learned well from John Kerry’s mistakes in 2004. So when the rabid right wingers took one of Obama’s comments and twisted it to say that Obama wanted to force Americans to learn Spanish, Obama fired right back: This is an example of some of the problems we get into when somebody attacks you for saying the truth, which is:Learn More

Musings on the election from a Linux user’s group email list…

One thing that libertarians, moderates, liberals and progressives seem to agree about is that the current administration has made a mess of things. The nation is much worse off now than it was eight years ago. Aside from the 25% or so of staunch neo-conservatives/Bush devotees, everyone is happy that the Bush years are coming to an end. I think that, no matter which way the election goes, things are going to get better startingLearn More

TalkLeft – a total and complete loss

I have been more and more bemused by how rabid TalkLeft has become in their support of Hillary Clinton. They are to the point where any credibility they had built is now completely and totally gone. TalkLeft has become nothing but a Hillary Clinton propoganda machine. Anyone who dares question anything about Hillary clinton are immediately labelled as haters or Hillary bashers. This brings to mind the 2004 Carl Rove tactic of labelling anyone whoLearn More

Governor Ritter’s running with the ball

When now-Governor Bill Ritter was running for office, he promised to make a number of changes in Colorado, centering around education, health care and renewable fuels. We’re about four months into Ritter’s first term, and we are already seeing a couple of major initiatives on Ritter’s part, including: College scholarships funded by the oil and gas industry: This is a very interesting initiative: basically this would recoup the tax credits given to oil and gasLearn More

Cleaning up Bill Owens’s messes…

I often feel sorry for Bill Ritter. As wonderful as it is that he is now the Governor of Colorad, he inherited a few major messes from the Bill Owens administration. One of the major messes regards the state’s computer systems. These projects cost state taxpayers millions of dollars and ended up being scrapped: Gov. Bill Ritter has ordered sweeping changes in an effort to halt Colorado’s dismal record of buying expensive computer systems thatLearn More

God bless Elizabeth Edwards

“The things [Ann Coulter] has said over the years, not just about John [Edwards] but about other candidates, lowers the political dialogue at precisely the time we need to raise it,” Edwards said (via KMGH Denver)

Ritter signs bill to protect gays from discrimination

Huzzah! Here’s yet another reason to rejoice over Bill Ritter being elected governor last year. The Colorado governor signed a bill to protect gays from discriminatio (via 9NEWS.com): Gay people would be protected from being fired based on their sexual orientation under a bill signed into law Friday by Governor Bill Ritter. This is the same type of bill that former governor Bill Owens vetoed. Twice! Ritter has been a breath of fresh air asLearn More

No funding delays for developmentally delayed kids

So what happens when a state has both a Democratic congress and Governor? Turns out, really, really good things. Including a bill signed by Governor Ritter earlier this week guaranteeing no funding delays for developmentally delayed kids (via 9News.com): Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Colorado) signed Senate Bill 4 into law Tuesday at the annual lunch to benefit the Autism Society of Colorado. The measure would streamline the funding process for early medical intervention for families likeLearn More

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