12/26/02 – I really should just zap this silly page from the face of the internet. There’s something about it, though, that makes me want to keep it. Perhaps it is the fact that I wrote it so very long ago. Or perhaps I am just a geek. Anyway, it is staying for now.

4/1/99 – This is another page that REALLY sucks! But I’ll let this one pass, just because I don’t feel like deleting all of it. I’d say use this page as an example of how to NOT create websites!

So what is Miguelito about? What does he do in his spare time? What interests
the man behind the legend? You’ve come to the right place to find out!


Yes, Miguelito is a computer geek. You’d think he’d have enough working with
computers 8 hours a day. But not for the Mercurial One. Miguelito is able
to work on and on, and drone on and on about computers. He talks
so much about them that we had to create a separate page to hold all his drivel!
Go to Miguelito’s Computer Geek Page to find
out more.


What would life be like without music? It’s a question Miguelito doesn’t
like to even ponder. Music adds emotion and atmosphere to everything we do.
It is the nutmeg of life, adding flavor to everything it touches.

For more on Miguelito’s musical tastes, we refer you to Miguelito’s
Music Reviews

Science Fiction

The thought of leaving this planet and visiting the stars, or of travelling
through time, or to a different dimension… These and more have tickled Miguelito’s
fancy for longer than he can remember. Miguelito has always loved science

Miguelito’s earliest memories of sci fi are glimpses of the cartoon version
of Star Trek. Miguelito graduated from
this to reading such authors as Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and more. Miguelito
found himself drawn to shows like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Doctor

Miguelito has included a list of science fiction links for your surfing
pleasure. We hope you find something here to engage your curiosity, or at
least to divert you for a few minutes.

As Miguelito writes this, it is summertime. And summertime means one thing:
baseball! Miguelito tries
not to miss any Colorado Rockies
games when they are televised, usually on Denver’s KWGN-TV
. Look for the Blake Street Bombers to tear up opposing pitching again
this year.

The Colorado Avalanche brought
Colorado it’s first world championship in a professional team sport in 1996,
and fond memories of that win, and of the ‘Lanche’s success in general, have
propelled hockey to the number three most
popular sport for both Miguelito and Colorado in general.

That’s All

Well, that’s about all that we are going to go in to for now. Obviously,
what Miguelito likes to do does not define who the man is. This page isn’t
meant to do that. This page is meant to give you a glimpse of how the man
behind the legend spends his free time. We hope you enjoyed this information,
and the links provided within.

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