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My Colorado voting guide: Yes on Amendment 42 – Colorado Minimum Wage

Amendment 42 is a very well-thought-out solution to the problem of the ridiculously low federal minimum wage. It would raise Colorado’s minimum wage immediately from $5.15 to $6.85, and then it woud adjust the minimum wage every year to account for inflation. This would ensure we don’t see a decade go by without a raise to the minimum wage. And since it’s in the constitution, the minimum wage would not be at the mercy ofLearn More

My Colorado voting guide: No on Amendment 41 – Standards of Conduct in Government

Amendment 41 is a mess. Theoretically, it’s supposed to stop government officials from receiving money/gifts from special interests, and create an ethics board for oversight. But the language of the proposed amendment is so vague that it is open for multiple interpretations. And the supposedly objective ethics board can be made up of other government officials, who would probably not be as objective as expected. I appreciate the ideals and efforts behind this, but itLearn More

My Colorado voting guide: No on Amendment 40 – Term limits for judges

Amendment 40 would establish term limits for Colorado Supreme Court and Appellate justices. While I am in favor of term limits in both the executive and legislative branches, I think it’s a very bad idea to do so in the judicial branch. Justices become more effective at their job the longer they are on the bench. Forcing justices to step down after four years will create a major lack of institutional knowledge on our highLearn More

My Colorado voting guide: No on Amendment 39/Referendum J – School spending

Amendment 39 and Referendum J are two different methods to make the same change: require public schools to spend 65% of their budgets “in the classroom.” This sounds like a good idea, if you choose to ignore the support staff that a school needs. Schools need cafeteria staff, they need school nurses, they need busses and bus drivers and fuel for the busses. Schools need to spend money on administrative purposes and secretaries and officeLearn More

My Colorado voting guide: No on Amendment 38 – Petitions

Amendment 38 proposes to amend the Colorado Constitution, allowing changes to petition regulations for state and local laws. Theoretically, it gives citizens more of a voice in local politics. In practice, though, what it would do is drastically reduce oversight for petitions. It forbids governments from randomly sampling signatures, reduces the reasons for which a signature can be invalidated, places undue burden on the government to send out  information on the proposals from proponents andLearn More

My Colorado voting guide

Every election year, I spend a lot of time researching the local ballot issues. But I almost never share that research with anyone except for my wife. I figured that I need to start sharing my hard work with others, so I present you with my first ever Colorado Voting Guide. This isn’t going to be an unbiased guide, however. If you want one of those, there are plenty available on the web. Instead, ILearn More

Not surprisingly, Colorado voters are split on gay marriage/civil unions

So now I probably should’ve expected this: Colorado voters are of two minds regarding marriage equality (via A new poll shows Colorado voters want to define marriage and, at the same time, allow same-sex couples to become domestic partners.Amendment 43 wants to change the Colorado Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Referendum I would establish a relationship between same-sex couples as a legal domestic partnership. So the majority ofLearn More

Marilyn Musgrave answer questions from her constituents? Pshah!

The folks over at ProgressNowAction tried to interview Marilyn Musgrave and ask her a question posed by an undecided voter in her district. Instead of answering, however, Musgrave cut and ran while those with her tried to manhandle the questioners. Sound far-fetched? Fortunately, there’s video of the whole incident:

coloradolib: John Edwards: Yes on 42

via coloradolib and YouTube: John Edwards encourages us to vote, and vote Yes on 42 (Colorado minimum wage increase):

Bill Winter debates Tom Tancredo

Just in case there was any doubt in your mind who should win the congressional race here in the Highlands Ranch area, watch this YouTube video of the debate between Winter and Tancredo (and jax): There should be no way for Winter to lose, ‘cept for the fact that registered Republicans outnumber Dems 2-to-1  here…

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