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My Colorado voting guide (Redux)

I am going to repeat this post for everyone coming to my blog after this series of posts: Every election year, I spend a lot of time researching the local ballot issues. But I almost never share that research with anyone except for my wife. I figured that I need to start sharing my hard work with others, so I present you with my first ever Colorado Voting Guide. This isn’t going to be anLearn More

My Colorado voting guide: Candidates for office

This probably won’t be a surprise, but I’ll be voting (and recommend everyone votes) a straight Democratic ticket: Governor: Bill Ritter Congress (CD6): Bill Winter Secretary of State: Ken Gordon State Treasurer: Cary Kennedy Attorney General: Fern O’Brien CU Regent: Stephen Ludwig State Senate: Shelly Tokerud State Representative: Allen Dreher Douglas Co. Commisioner: Jerri Hill Douglas Co. Clerk & Recorder: Barbara Horan Douglas Co. Treasurer: Kimberly Steenhoek Douglas Co. Assessor: Maritza Carrera Douglas Co. Sherriff:Learn More

My Colorado voting guide: Yes on Referendum K – Immigration lawsuit against federal government

Another result of this year’s special session on immigration, this referndum would have the State of Colorado sue Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, asking that Gonzales start enforcing the current federal immigration laws. This lawsuit will almost definitely go nowhere, but it will increase public awareness of the fact that the federal government is not doing its job.YES!

My Colorado voting guide: Yes on Referendum I – Domestic partnerships

Referendum I is the spiritual opposite of the horrid Amendment 43. Referendum I would legally recognize civil unions in Colorado, regardless of the gender of the members of the civil union. Voting for this amendment should be a no-brainer. It’s the only fair thing to do.YES!

My Colorado voting guide: Yes on Referendum H – Limit state business tax deduction

Referendum H is a response to the special session on immigration that Bill Owens called this summer. The result of the special session was to target the cause of illegal immigration, not the illegal immigrants themselves. Since most people come to our country illegally seeking jobs, that means the root cause are the employers who hire them. This referendum requires businesses to disclose the wages paid to illegal immigrants and then claimed on its federalLearn More

My Colorado voting guide: Yes on Referendum G – Obsolete constituional provisions

Referendum G is another housekeeping referendum. It proposes cleaning up obsolete language from the constitution, and elminiating gender-specific terms in the constitution. This is all necessary and uneventful. YES!

My Colorado voting guide: Yes on Referendum F – Recall deadlines

Referendum F is a housekeeping referendum to change/remove deadlines for recall petitions. In a way, it’s antithetical to Amendment 38. This Referndum allows more time to protest signatures on petitions, get signatures to replace invalidated signatures, and holding recall elections. It makes the recall process more flexible, which is a good thing (IMO).YES!

My Colorado voting guide: YES on Referendum E – Disabled Veteran property tax reduction

Referendum E is a tough one. My first instinct would be to vote for it, since it provides disabled veterans with a tax break for their primary residence. But after digging into the details of the Referendum, I have to vote against it. First of all, there’s no financial qualifications. Someone making $100 billion a year would get this tax reduction. And, on the other hand, the veterans who most could use a tax breakLearn More

My Colorado voting guide: Yes on Amendment 44 – Marijuana possession

Amendment 43 is very straight-forward: it legalizes possession of an ounce of marijuana for adults. Adults cannot sell it, cannot consume it in public, nor can they drive while under the influence. And anyone under the age of 21 cannot legally possess marijuana. This is another well-thought out, balanced proposal. I say: YES!

My Colorado voting guide: No on Amendment 43 – Definition of marriage

This is a hate-filled proposed Amendment. Every single person in Colorado should vote:NO!

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