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Gary Lindstrom drops out of Colorado Governor race on the Jay Marvin show!

Damn, I need to find a way to blog more frequently. I was listening to the Jay Marvin show on Monday, and heard Gary Lindstrom announe that he is officially dropping out of the race for the Democratic nomination for governor. Unfortunately, since I couldn’t find time to blog it, ColoradoPols beat me to it. By two full days! Democrat Gary Lindstrom reportedly announced this morning on Jay Marvin’s radio show that he would dropLearn More

That’s why they play the game

Looks like either Alice Madden wanted to throw us a curve with her appearance on the Jay Marvin Show last week, or something happened over the weekend to make her change her mind. Madden announced today that she will not run for governor, leaving Bill Ritter as pretty much a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination. (No disrespect is meant towards Gary Lindstrom. But seriously; there’s no way that Lindstrom is going to compete with RitterLearn More

Colorado Congress hopeful Bill Winter to be on The Majority Report

via SoapBlox Colorad: Bill Winter will be on the Majority Report next week. The CD-6 candidate (You know, the guy running against Mad Tom Tancredo?) will be on the Air America program the Majority Report, in an interview hosted by Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos, as part of the “Fighting Dems

Nuclear option, part 2?

Well, it didn’t take Bill Frist long to start threatening to use the nuclear option again: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Sunday he is prepared to strip Democrats of their to ability to filibuster if they try to stall Samuel Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court. “The answer is yes,” Frist said when asked if he would act to change Senate procedures to restrict a Democratic filibuster. “Supreme Court justice nominees deserve an up-or-downLearn More

The Majority Report on Tom Tancredo

Wow… I was listening to The Majority Report and was quite surprised to here Sam Seder and Janeane Garafalo discussing Tom Tancredo! Aside from Janeane not being able to pronounce Tancredo’s name, I think that they had Tancredo pegged perfectly: a psycho, racist, anti-Mexican right-wing wacko. Specifically, Janeane brought up the brouhaha Tancredo raised regarding the memorial for Flight 93. Congrats, Tom, now liberal talk-show hosts in both New York (Seder) and Los Angeles (Garafalo)Learn More

Cool: Ex-Green to challenge Hillary Clinton

Well, here’s some good news: A former Green Party member who advocates an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq says he will challenge incumbent Hillary Rodham Clinton for the 2006 Democratic nomination for Senate. “She’s in favor of the war and in favor of continuing the occupation,” Steven Greenfield, a professional saxophone player, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from his New Paltz home. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:Learn More

DeLay Admits Failure To Disclose… wait a minute: DeLay admits something?

As the noose tightens around Tom DeLay is apparently starting to crack, and he finally admits that he did something wrong: DeLay, who’s been indicted for conspiracy and money laundering, said about $21,000 contributed in 2000 and 2001 was not reported anywhere. Another $17,000 was included in the fund’s quarterly report but not in DeLay’s 2000 annual financial disclosure report. Other donations were under-reported by about $1,700. Of course, this would seem to be aLearn More

Happy day! Tom DeLay Booked In Texas

Rep. Tom DeLay turned himself Thursday in at the Harris County sheriff’s bonding office, where he was photographed, fingerprinted and released on bond on state conspiracy and money laundering charges.

Will the real Ken Salazar please stand up?

Ken Salazar continues to be an enigma in the Senate. Is he a soon-to-be Republican? Is he a Democrat who’s been forced into backing the administration to try to guarantee re-election next time he’s up? Or is he the Senator who acutally has the balls to stand up and call Bush a wanna-be dictator? “This president, frankly, sometimes acts like a king,” Salazar said. “He’s imperious. He believes he controls Washington and controls our country,Learn More

DeLay: everyone is guilty except for me!

Well, he hasn’t yet come right out and said that, but you gotta know that he’s close. First, he blames a “partisan” prosecutor (one who has previously prosecuted 12 Democrats and 3 Republicans). Now, DeLay is blaming an Austin newspaper for putting pressure on the prosecutor: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is blaming an editorial in the Austin American-Statesman for pressuring a Texas prosecutor to pursue the criminal case against him. “It was this renewedLearn More

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