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We endorse Bill Ritter

In case you hadn’t noticed already, we endorse Bill Ritter for Governor. There’s many reasons why, including the fact that we really love his ‘Colorado Opportunity Pledge’: Taking Colorado from the bottom 10 states in terms of child immunizations to the top 10 within two years. Working toward health-care coverage for all by introducing a legislative reform package within a year of taking office. Establishing a more efficient state budgeting process and more effective managementLearn More

Bill Winter and alternative energy

So why do I like Bill Winter, besides the fact that he is trying to unseat the possibly-racist Tom Tancredo? Aside from being an alternative to Tom, Bill actually has some solid ideas that he is running on. One of those is support for alternative energy sources: “We may be the only industrialized country in the world that hasn’t fully connected the dots between energy policy (and) global warming,” Warner rallied the crowd. “As leadersLearn More

The Connecticut for Lieberman Party

Hehehe… regardless of the URL, I don’t think that this is the official website of The Connecticut for Lieberman Party. It’s far too honest to be the official website: When it became clear that Lieberman was no longer a real Democrat, he needed a way to hold onto his precious seat in the Senate. He scoured the state to identify the 25 supporters needed to form a political party so that he could still run,Learn More

Open letter to Senator Joe Lieberman

It’s been a month for writing letters to elected officials, apparently. This time around, I got spurred into action by General Wesley Clarks’ WesPAC to write to Joe Lieberman: Dear Senator Lieberman: Please don’t take this personally, but I believe that you will be doing the wrong thing if you choose to run for senate as an independent. On Tuesday, Democratic Connecticut voters made their wish clear: they want Ned Lamont to represent them inLearn More

Report: Women misled on abortion risks

This is absolutely disgusting, assuming that the report is accurate. According to, a report by “Democrats on the House Government Reform Committee, women are being given false, alarmist information regarding abortion risks. From the article: Care Net, an umbrella group for evangelical pregnancy centers across the country, instructs its affiliates to tell callers there is a possibility that abortion can lead to greater risk of breast cancer, according to Molly Ford, an official withLearn More

Congressman Pitts makes a bad situation worse…

Okay, try and stay with me on this one. In a June 14th hearing of the House Subcomittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection, Congressman Joe Pitts, a Pennsylvanian Republican, made the following horrific statement: During the subcommittee’s period of opening remarks on June 14th, Pitts said, “It’s safe to say that a wealthy kid from the suburbs can play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ without turning to a life of crime, but a poor kid whoLearn More

Know what the hell you’re talking about, Senator…

Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens decided to prove to the entire world just how little he knows about the internet while he tried to justify his vote against a net neutrality bill: They want to deliver vast amounts of information over the internet. And again, the internet is not something you just dump something on. It’s not a truck.It’s a series of tubes. And if you don’t understand those tubes can be filled and if theyLearn More

What party does Salazar belong to again?

This problably shouldn’t be as surprising as it is… The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Ken Salazar is going to choose to back Joe Lieberman if Lieberman loses to Ned Lamont in a Connecticut primary: Sen. Ken Salazar is risking the ire of some fellow Democrats by pledging to support incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman, of Connecticut, in November’s election whether or not he wins the Democratic primary.Lieberman, a centrist and stalwart supporter of theLearn More

Flag-burning amendment

Okay, so now that the anti-flag-burning amendment has failed (by only a single vote? WTF?), could someone convince the senate to start working on things that really matter, and quit getting distracted by this election-year pandering? It’s not like this is a new debate. This has been settled for a decade! “The First Amendment never needs defending when it comes to popular speech,” Leahy said. “It’s when it comes to unpopular speech that it needsLearn More

Senate committee approves bill expanding citizenship

Some good news out of Washington. Finally.  The Senate judiciary committee approved the Kennedy/McCain guest worker bill! Next step is, of course debate and a vote in front of the full Senate. But this is a huge step forward towards a moderate, sane immigration policy. The key parts of the bill are: In general, the bill is designed to strengthen enforcement of U.S. borders, regulate the flow into the country of so-called guest workers andLearn More

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