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Leeroy!! Ah, this takes me back to my WoW days. Never, *ever* attack before the rest of your raid team’s ready to go. LEEROY!!!!

Space Quest 1

Thanks to GOG, purveyors of old/abandoned games from yesteryear, I was able to play through the original Space Quest 1 from Sierra. It’s funny, because the game isn’t really that funny. The jokes were mainly about Roger being asleep when his ship was attacked, him tripping in an alien ship and losing his disguise, and getting… Read More »

Fixing Android apk “App not installed” errors

I’ve been stumbling into this error a lot, trying to install some of the games I’ve purchased in Humble Bundles. It took a lot of digging around in various forums and lots of Google searches, but I finally came up with the resolution: Unmount the external SD Card!!! I know it makes no sense. I… Read More »