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Babylon is about to get fucked up – Revelation 16-19 (NTiR)

It is getting harder to keep track of what is happening in Revelation. Everything seems to happen again and again. Angels unleashing major carnage on the earth. The sun and moon first turning black as cloth, then red as blood, then green as cheese. Or something like that. All I know for certain is that God is letting an eternity’s worth of wrath loose upon the earth, and mankind is getting screwed. Take the trialsLearn More

The anti-Christ and the Beast – Revelation 12-15 (NTiR)

Once upon a time, back in my wild younger days, I had an actual alcohol-induced hallucinative episode. I blacked out, but continued to function. My friends said I left the apartment we were in, ran to the park across the street, then started climbing up a hill. I was yelling that I had to get to the top of the hill so I could greet spirits that had come to save earth from its destruction.Learn More

Angels can be bad-asses! – Revelations 9-11 (NTiR)

One theme in the book of Revelations is the importance of the holy numbers. Threes and sevens are littered throughout the book. Three angels. Seven seals. Seven trumpets. John wanted to make sure that we knew divine numbers are in use here. Expect many more instances of the divine numbers, and we’ll be adding in twelve to go with them soon. In the previous chapters, the destruction of earth begins. And then begins in aLearn More

The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse – Revelation 6-8 (NTiR)

There are a few theories tossed about regarding why, exactly Revelation is so bizarre. Some of my favorite theories are: John was stoned out of his mind John was extremely drunk, or had sobered up and was having the DTs John was starving/dehydrated during his imprisonment and banishment, and his fevered brain pulled up a number of hallucinations. Whatever the true source, Revelation is one hell of a trip. Chapter 6 The seven seals areLearn More

John takes a spiritwalk – Revelation 3-5 (NTiR)

In the last entry, Jesus was sending nasty letters to the seven churches of Asia. These letters contained everything from praise to condoning the murder of children. There were also some bits about stars and candlesticks and whatnot. I dunno, it isn’t my hallucination… Chapter 3 Three more churches to go. Three more messages to read. I am starting to grow weary of this book, but I know far weirder things lie ahead. The churchLearn More

Down the rabbit hole – Revelations 1-2 (NTiR)

Ah, the book of Revelations. The capstone of the New Testament. The weirdest book in the whole Bible, and one of the weirdest books ever written. Revelations makes Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland seem pedestrian. The end of the world, the four horsemen, something about swords and seals and locusts… I have had a life-long fascination with Revelations. I remember back in my high school days ordering a set of three booklets offered on a late-nightLearn More

Three Rings for the elven-kings under the sky – 2 John, 3 John, Jude (NTiR)

Hey, we made it! We are at the end of the Epistles. The last three books of the New Testament before the beast that is Revelations! This has been a long, tough road to haul. I truly wasn’t sure if I’d get through the letters or not. Paul’s batch of letters really did sap a lot of my enthusiasm out. I wondered a few times whether I shouldn’t just give up on this project. AsLearn More

Be excellent to each other – 1 John 3-5 (NTiR)

Chapter 3 More “children” stuff, but at least this time John is including himself, and saying everyone is God’s children. This I can handle, since it is consistent with the entire Bible, Old and New testaments. We don’t know what we will truly be like until we meet Jesus in heaven. Just as Jesus was revealed to be the sacrifice that saved humanity from sin and the devil. One thing I like about John isLearn More

My little children – 1 John 1-2 (NTiR)

In our last installment,┬áPeter tried to answer the question: why hasn’t the world ended? Why hasn’t Jesus returned? Where’s the end-time that you promised us? Peter’s answer was, basically, “screw you guys! God has decided to give you guys more time to repent. Don’t tell me anything, He sets the time frame. I don’t know how well that answer was received, however. since 2 Peter ends at that point. However, I am guessing that itLearn More

What happens when the world doesn’t end? (2 Peter)

Every now and then, one of the books in the New Testament annoys me so much I can’t even talk about it, and must move on. That was 1 Peter. Hopefully the sequel won’t suck as much. The Second Epistle of Peter Chapter 1 The chapter opens with a florid, ostentatious greeting and introduction. This chapter exists to establish credibility for Peter and the church elders. He recounts that he and other disciples were thereLearn More

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