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Fix middle-button click on Dell Inspiron Clickpads

I seriously cannot believe that it took me as long as it did to find a fix to this issue. New-ish Dell Inspiron laptops have moved from touchpads to Clickpads – the biggest change is that Clickpads have no physical buttons on them at all. Everything is done by a combination of taps and clicks and gestures. Blame Apple for screwing around with something that should be straight-forward. ¬†ūüėõ Anyway, after a few hours ofLearn More

kill and signals primer

This is a nicely-written primer for using kill and a list of common signals. Below is a list of a few common signals, the numeric value of that signal, the action that is associated with it and how to send that signal to a process. This list, while not complete, should cover general usage of the kill command. Source: Understanding the kill command, and how to terminate processes in Linux | Benjamin Cane

Fix for “gpg-agent is not available” message

I have to save this because I forget about this¬†every single time I build a new install, and can’t figure out why I keep getting “gpg-agent is not available in this session”. The components come from different packages (gnupg2-2.1.7-1.fc22.x86_64 and gnupg-1.4.19-2.fc22.x86_64 in my case). The solution is to use the gpg2 command instead of gpg Source: How to make gpg find gpg-agent – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Series 10 Teaser “A Time For Heroes” – Doctor Who – YouTube

I wouldn’t be too flippant with that “even if it kills me” bit there, Bill, considering what happened to Clara…

Use email address for sites that require email

You know those annoying websites that are designed to briefly show you the page, but then block you from actually using it until you enter your email address? That annoys the crap out of me! There’s an easy way around it, though, if you don’t want to use your real email address: make an one! There’s an explanation of below, but basically it is a domain that seems like a real domain andLearn More

25 Logical Reasons to Vote for Donald Drumpf

Ayup, this is pretty much exactly right… ¬†(NSFW, profanity) In the interest of facilitating the open exchange of views that make for objective political dialogue. Source: 25 Logical Reasons to Vote for Donald Drumpf

Tools I can’t live without: Synergy¬†

Geek post! ¬†ūüôā There are a few utilities that I use that are not well known, but I find critical. One of the ones that I use most is Synergy. It’s function is straight-forward: share¬†one mouse and keyboard among multiple computers. What makes Synergy awesome, though, is how far above and beyond this functionality Synergy goes. First, it’s cross-platform: I use it to share between my Linux workstation and a Macbook Pro seemlessly. Second, itLearn More

Meltdown on Steam

I’ve had this game sitting around in my Steam list for a long time (another Humble Bundle purchase), but just now got around to firing it up. And Oh! My! Gracious!!! ¬†This is such a fun game! The weapons are fun, enemies are goofy but deadly, and the visual style is both gorgeous and cartoonish. This has become my new favorite game! Meltdown is a tactical arcade shooter featuring both singleplayer and intense online multiplayer.Learn More

28 Little Known Facts About The Movie ‘Groundhog Day’.

Funny and thought-provoking, ‘Groundhog Day’ is considered a classic, and one of the funniest movies of all-time.Below are 28 wicked stories that you might’ve missed from the movie. Check it out! Source: 28 Little Known Facts About The Movie ‘Groundhog Day’.

Amiga Games now available via Internet Archive

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! The Internet Archive just dumped a metric buttload of Amiga games and software!  Anyone who loved and used an Amiga back in the day will be rejoicing today! There are so many classic titles available. Looking through the list, I see some of my favorites (Lemmings 2, Pinball Fantasies, The Lost Vikings) plus a ton that I always wanted to play (Batman: The Movie, Arkanoid: RevengeLearn More

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