The most hilariously effective signs supporting gay marriage.

“THAT’S BLASPHEMY! MARY ONLY HAD SEX WITH GOD OUTSIDE OF HER MARRIAGE!” (Updated to include signs from the Supreme Court on 3/26/13) Political protests are always a little more fun when the protesters are a little more fabulous. No matter how the Supreme Court rules on the issue this time around, popular opinion has shifted enough that the writing appears to be on the wall for opponents of marriage equality. That’s a little bittersweet, since the writing on these pro-gay marriage protest signs is entertaining enough that we’re definitely going to miss them when the battle is finally over nationwide. If everyone else was pledging their love and devotion and getting married, would you?   Sadly, several dozen lemmings were scared off a cliff by the blinding fabulousness.   “Ba-boom! Thank you, I’ll be protesting here all week.”     Q: What do lesbians bring on a second date? A: A sign about U-Hauls and equality.   Conservatives: you are now further behind than last year’s memes.   He lived for 116 years and he still never got to see gay marriage become legal.   Ah ha! Proof! Proof! Proof that all lesbians watch Rachel Maddow!   We can’t stop them, but we can create a stigma against letting them marry nice people.     Being on the other side of something from Sasha Fierce is always a bad idea. Updated 08/20/12:         © Carina C. Zona     © Carina C. Zona           (Posted 7/26/11)             Posted 7/14/11:                                  

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