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By | July 18, 2010
  • Hello new followers, thanks for adding me! I hope I won't bore you. šŸ™‚ #
  • I hate that god-damned f**king octopus!!! #
  • w00t w00t: free #loslobos #mp3: http://bit.ly/bhmEQE #
  • RT @Chris_Kasten Remember to get a nice card and gift for "National Coffee Maker Appreciation" day. Have you hugged yr coffee maker lately? #
  • Just listed myself at http://localtweeps.com. List yourself to Find and Get Found by tweeps near you! #
  • RT @mindhackz Larger head size may protect against Alzheimer's symptoms http://ow.ly/186Xv6 <– Yay for my big fat noggin'! #
  • *whew* RT @1HottMommyof3 #tatatuesday @DROPPNBOMBZ here is payment haha! I will never ask a question again! http://tweetphoto.com/32481316 #
  • RT @algore 2010 setting up to be a record setting year http://bit.ly/9ALFXQ <– EEK! Though one year might just be a blip. #
  • Corrected this for you, @twistedxtian: Being up in Canada makes EVERYTHING tougher though. #
  • #saysitall RT @denverpost Ted Haggard's growing new church to move to a Colo. Springs performing arts center: http://bit.ly/bRjFBW #
  • If I were single, I'd have had a special moment: the woman in front of me ordered the exact same b'fast sandwich as me. #
  • If I were single, I'd have had a special moment: the woman in front of me ordered the exact same b'fast sandwich as me. #
  • RT @FrankConniff Teabaggers so upset NAACP called them racists, they sobbed while reciting pledge of allegiance 2 confederate flag. #tcot #
  • RT @Chris_Eh_Young Life is to be enjoyed. Let yourself go once in a while. Step away from regret and just do it. #
  • Damn, I don't cuss enough anymore -> RT @WeeLaura Fuck yeah! @omarg The three cursingest people I follow #fbombfollowwednesday #
  • Switched from #linuxmint to #macos on my work computer. Miss Mint, but there are some things that are easier to do in OS X #
  • RT @FrankConniff If Bristol #Palin #039;s love is as vast as her mother's stupidity, then her marriage to Levi Johnson will last forever. #
  • Discussing Paul and sexism w/ @melsite1, found creepy Ephesians 5:33: "let the wife see that she fear/revere her husband." #
  • RT @devlzadvoct: Yes please!! RT @adamandeve: Boobs! <– Si por favor! #
  • RT @6strinG_:@GoinGonzo: It's twitter people don't take sht personal unless its ur mom that blocks u.. p.s. mom I'm sorry please unblock me #
  • (No subject header) #
  • RT: @ssfw70 You wanna cut the deficit. let a bunch of single moms be in charge. its abt priorities. we know how to live within a budget #
  • I <3 @snowkitten. If you don't #ff her, you're a damned fool! #
  • #ff @chris_kasten, 'cuz his geekiness is awesomeness! #
  • #ff @rnBetty, 'cuz who *doesn't* want to follow a naughty nurse? šŸ™‚ #
  • I've realized that I don't start any conversations on Twitter, just join in with threads started by others. #
  • #creepy A fifth-grade teacher anointed students with "holy" oil. A *public school* teacher. http://bit.ly/dAShiX #
  • RT @AtheistDamsel @distroia: "A bunch of stupid atheists!" http://tinyurl.com/38b8woc <– I actually know people like this… #
  • #ff @twistedxtian, a fellow dad and a semi-rarity: a cool #christian #
  • Watching Buzz Out Loud's coverage of Apple's iPhone press conference. Can @mollywood keep her cool? http://bit.ly/bdPEcw #
  • Great articles discussing myths about bipolar disorder: http://bit.ly/bbsSzJ and http://bit.ly/9poFKf #bipolar #
  • Tancredo? Seriously? #wtf RT @denverpost: DP poll shows Scott McInnis losing support, Republicans like Tom Tancredo: http://dpo.st/came1y #
  • OMG, I can't believe I never thought of this before: my co-worker is Dwight Schrute! šŸ™‚ #
  • Welcome @kidzui! Your service makes allowing my 6yo computer time SO much easier. Gracias! #
  • Only the cool people get to call me Biffster. Cool like you! #

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