That’s not good body language…^On this morning’s train ride into work, a couple got onto the train and stood right across from me in the aisle. They were kind of an odd couple: the woman was in her mid-to-late 40s, almost scarily thin, long, graying hair wearing a sundress and flip-flops. The guy was in his early 30s – maybe even late 20s. He was chubby, had a straggly red beard, dressed in t-shirt, jean shorts and expensive-looking sneakers. He was also carrying a crumpled paper bag, while the woman was carrying a huge purse.

They caught my eye because of the difference in their body language. The guy looked very uncomfortable, out of sorts, like he didn’t really want to be there. The woman seemed to be in a very playful mood, teasing him and tickling his side. She tried to hug him and kiss him, but he kept pulling away from her. It almost seemed to me that he was embarrassed to be seen with her.

When we got to the Broadway station, a seat opened up and the woman sat down. The guy was going to stay standing up, but she called him over and he sat down next to her. She put his arm around him and tried to kiss him, but he tensed up big-time, sitting as rigid as a board. He literally pulled away from her attempted kisses. After a little bit of this, he actually got up and walked over to the door of the train. She tried to give him a goodbye kiss when he stood up, but he ignored it and practically ran the rest of the way.

He got off the train at the 10th and Osage stop without a glance back at her. She kinda threw up her arms in frustration, then leaned dejectedly back in her seat. She didn’t move much ‘til we got to Union Station.

She ended up inadvertently following me to Common Grounds. She must be a regular there, too, because they knew what she wanted to order. She was actually standing behind me in line, which was a little weird. Only because I really wanted to turn around and ask her for more information about what had just happened.

My guess is one of five scenarios:
1) That was a one-night stand, and the guy was really, REALLY regretting it in the morning.
2) They are in the middle of a break-up
3) The guy really, REALLY hates PDAs, but she doesn’t know that about him
4) They had a major fight the night before, and he isn’t ready to forgive her
5) She’s a “date” that the guy met on Craigslist, and he just wanted to get away from her now that the deed was done and he paid his $$$

What do y’all think? Which one is probably the winning bet?

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