Microblogging from Twitter on: 2009-07-10

By | July 10, 2009
  • Serious question here: Could Amarok 2.x suck any more? 😛 #
  • Welcome new followers! Thanks for following me. Hopefully I won’t bore you. 🙂 I’ll post my #followfriday recs in my next tweet. #
  • #followfriday: @lauratoogood who is very witty, Local #denver tweep @snowkitten, and fellow #gwibber user @RagnarokAngel. Oh, and @shawnz #
  • ? @pourmecoffee: The Pope reportedly demanding POTUS help get Ron Howard and Tom Hanks to “back the hell off.” <– LMAO!!! in reply to pourmecoffee #
  • . @16thStreetMall I am jealous of your sleep! I could use more for certain. Being a parent of 3 little kiddos wears a person out. in reply to 16thStreetMall #
  • Talk ’bout funny stuff: what’s the worst crap people try to give away on Craigslist? Find out here: http://is.gd/1tGE4 #
  • Observation of the day: Good #coffee shops make crappy #bagels; really good #bagel shops make crappy #coffee. #
  • chatting at http://tinychat.com/crunchup #tinychat #

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