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By | May 23, 2009
  • Whoa, didn’t know that I could get out the door with all three kiddos in 8 minutes! #
  • For some reason, I thought that staying up ’til 11:30 last night was a good idea. Gonna be a long day. šŸ˜› #
  • RT @todayshow: Twitpic of @JessicaKnows @MommyBrain @ReneeJRoss all twittering during show. Pic: http://twitpic.com/5f95t @scrappinmichele) #
  • toooooooooooo hot outside. I *HATE* summer. #
  • RT @goodlaura: RT @News10_CA Fleetwood Mac Concert Cancelled http://ping.fm/t46EA <–Thunder only happens when it’s raining #
  • RT @fuckyoupenguin: Why are you doing this to me? http://tinyurl.com/otp9sl #
  • RT @DoneenMills: SNL – funny stuff! RT @ericgrant Bush to Cheney: Be More Like Biden http://ow.ly/7AzW #
  • RT @usetoberepub: RT @DellaAtlanta: My friend has started telling people to “Stop being such a Cheney” #
  • PRT @BuzzEdition: RT @Lotay: U.S. to require new cars get 42 mpg (MSNBC) http://viigo.im/CeN <– SWEET!!! #
  • re sex: “You can squelch it and contour it and regulate it, but it’s an impulse that continues to come forth” – Abraham Hicks #
  • .@nsurvoy Nope, not really. šŸ™‚ in reply to nsurvoy #
  • He understands that the universe is forever out of control, and that trying to dominate events goes against the current of the Tao. (DdC 30) #
  • Ugh, have I mentioned how much I hate MySpace nowadays? #
  • ‘allo twitter & facebook! What a wonderful morning this is gonna be! #
  • RT @weightjournal New blog post: Video Entry #4: Major milestone http://bit.ly/yAU5S #
  • RT @colombiancoffee @TeresaKopec @mikemadden All couples gets civil union license frm govt, “marriage” at church of choice #
  • Sign that a process has spun out of control: 1 process taking up 2gb phys and 3gb swap. :O #
  • Ugh, I feel so very sleep. Can’t wait ’til I can go to bed tonight. Long day ahead. #
  • What in the f*** happened to the Democrat Senators spines yesterday? #
  • Senator Harry Reid – How does putting someone into prison equal releasing them? WTF? #
  • Have I mentioned how devastated I am that tangelos are now out of season? šŸ™ #
  • President Obama: First 100 days were awesome, second 100 days? Not so much. So far, anyway. #
  • Larry King on The Daily Show? Simply awesome. King and Stewart have excellent chemistry together. #
  • Dear President Obama: We had 8 years of Bush policies. We need you to STOP those policies, not just rename them. #
  • “delivered by Vader – on the set, he really said: “‘Obi-Wan killed your father…'” http://tr.im/m6OB (Thanks @shawnz for the article link) #
  • Oh no, #coffee mug empty! Trying to decide whether I want to grab more from the break room, or walk over to the local coffee shop… #fb #
  • ? I’m going to get dressed / for success / shaping me up for the big time baby… #
  • What is this cliche of which you speak? http://bit.ly/HhYZ1 #

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