Microblogging from Twitter on: 2009-05-22

By | May 22, 2009
  • President Obama: First 100 days were awesome, second 100 days? Not so much. So far, anyway. #
  • Larry King on The Daily Show? Simply awesome. King and Stewart have excellent chemistry together. #
  • Dear President Obama: We had 8 years of Bush policies. We need you to STOP those policies, not just rename them. #
  • “delivered by Vader – on the set, he really said: “‘Obi-Wan killed your father…’” http://tr.im/m6OB (Thanks @shawnz for the article link) #
  • Oh no, #coffee mug empty! Trying to decide whether I want to grab more from the break room, or walk over to the local coffee shop… #fb #
  • ? I’m going to get dressed / for success / shaping me up for the big time baby… #
  • What is this cliche of which you speak? http://bit.ly/HhYZ1 #

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