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By | May 16, 2009
  • Z’s temp held steady around 100-101 all day, now spiked to 105. She is off to Urgent Care as I type this. #fb #
  • Heya everyone! I’m still alive, both on #twitter and #facebook. My daughter is still fighting a fever, ER verified it’s a virus…. #fb #
  • Okay, I am again tired of my constant whining. But my knee is KILLING me tonight. Out of nowhere! I’m worried it’s the wet, cold weather #fb #
  • Good morning Twitter! Welcome to the work-week. I hope all of you moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day! #
  • Z is still fighting whatever it is. Fever between 100-103. #fb #
  • Finally sat down to watch Serenity. It’s even better than people told me it was. Which is saying a lot, ‘cuz I was told it was great! #fb #
  • Another “wake up with only 25 minutes to shower and get out the door” day. Still not awake. Thank god for Common Grounds. #
  • Still don’t know what is wrong with Z. Fever rollercoaster, responds well to ibuprofen/acetaminophen. More tests tomorrow. #
  • To meet my goal to be a curmudgeon, I should be more of an ass. That doesn’t come easy to me, though, no matter what others may say. 🙂 #
  • RT @WeeLaura: @emokidsloveme Perhaps you don’t understand: She’s REALLY pretty! Plus? Boobs. #
  • RT @Karoli: A different take on the Miss CA. brouhaha| The Biparti… http://bit.ly/CXOhX (via @tweetmeme) #
  • RT @cyn3matic: RT @rosieandtheband Army Lt. dischrgd under DADT writes Obama: ‘I beg you 2day: Do not fire me.’ http://bit.ly/174I36 #p2 #
  • RT @allinthemind: RT: if you disagree with Twitters decision to hide replies to people you dont follow. #fixreplies #twitterfail #
  • Why is it so hard for me to remember the difference between “grey” and “gray”? #
  • RT @techstartups: new apple commercial – http://bit.ly/eII4s #
  • Why did Olbermann spend time on Prejean? Total non-story. And I would fight for her right to give her opinion, even tho I disagree w/ her. #
  • y’know, I was pretty mellow and calm about #facebook’s redesign, but I’m rather annoyed with #twitter’s decision to #fixreplies #
  • RT @colombiancoffee: RT @abba_ks: @fourlegsgood on ALL levels though, it’s wrong: morally, legally, efficacy & efficiency #torturehearing #
  • RT @shawnz: Society for Geek Advancement: http://geekadvancement.com/ #
  • Oh my dear lord, this is so friggin’ awesome that I just about cried watching it. http://ping.fm/AGKa0 #
  • mmmMMMmmm…. mango. I love mangoes. Have I mentioned that before? 😉 #
  • RT @TechCrunch: Hookers No Longer Welcome On Craigslist http://tcrn.ch/1rD by @erickschonfeld <– Damn, all good things DO come to an end… #
  • I am walking here (Union Station, Denver) in about 5 minutes. Time to go home for the day. Ciao! #fb http://twitgoo.com/36e1 #
  • President Obama is totally & completely wrong re: releasing the prisoner abuse photos from Iraq and Afghanistan. Why is he waffling this? #
  • Taking more steps towards divorcing my desktop PC. Gave away my webcam, relying on the laptop’s integrated cam. #
  • RT @CNETNews: YouTube arrives on Google News after outage http://tinyurl.com/ooag8u <– This is uber-cool. 🙂 #
  • RT @OurLady: Liquid Calories: Evil, Alluring, Dangerous? http://tinyurl.com/p27tb6 Do NOT Drink UP!!!!! WARNING courtesy of Our Lady of … #
  • I have spent more time on personal phone calls this week than in the last month, I think. It’s mostly Berta & Gayle corrupting me. 🙂 #
  • So… Twitter’s short-term #fixreplies is to either break the “in reply to” threading, or force people to do an “XX @user blah blah…”? #
  • IRT @goodlaura, I thought the same, but I actually watch a lot LESS tv ‘cuz of TiVo. I only watch shows I want & record, screw the rest #
  • IRT @goodlaura, the whole follow/follower/followee thing is totally FU’d. How could Twitter make this big a gaffe? in reply to goodlaura #
  • RT @colombiancoffee: RT @aterkel: RT @PElliottAP: Lynch will sign gay marriages for NH, but wants lawmakers to change language. #
  • RT @Karoli: RT @Shoq: IMPORTANT INFO RE: @REPLIES http://bit.ly/GmhnQ | cc: @jesse @jessenewhart @alanataylor @karoli @baileyMcc #
  • RT @Noetical: Plz sign the official #fixreplies petition: Fix Twitter Replies Now! http://bit.ly/fixtwitter #twitterfail Plz RT! #
  • Please Retweet: Sign this petition : “Fix Twitter Replies Now! #fixreplies #twitterfail” – http://tinypaste.com/d677339 #
  • RT @colombiancoffee: @thegoodhuman: @DoneenMills When evil people torture, it’s ‘cuz they’re evil. But when WE torture, it’s ‘cuz they are #
  • GAH! How can I block #lost in #seesmic desktop? NO SPOILERS!!!! #
  • Season finale of #lost ftw! a couple of questions answered, many new ones, gripping story, aggravating end. All good stuff. #
  • Jon Stewart – “Waterboarding may make the prisoner talk, but it ain’t gonna make ’em talk English.” #
  • I love President Obama, but the last week has been nothing but bad policy decisions. tibunals, don’t ask don’t tell, releasing photos… #
  • RT @Karoli: @verucablue: Pfizer is offering free Viagra for ppl who get laid off. The slogan writes itself, y’all. (oh, thank you for that) #
  • RT @colombiancoffee: My take on Newt Gingrich: Go Away! #
  • RT @goodlaura: RT @zaibatsu: Everyone pray for @BuzzEdition her son was in a motorcycle accident. <–sending my prayers. #
  • …bu?u?o? s???

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