Microblogging from Twitter on: 2009-05-15

By | May 15, 2009
  • GAH! How can I block #lost in #seesmic desktop? NO SPOILERS!!!! #
  • Season finale of #lost ftw! a couple of questions answered, many new ones, gripping story, aggravating end. All good stuff. #
  • Jon Stewart – “Waterboarding may make the prisoner talk, but it ain’t gonna make ’em talk English.” #
  • I love President Obama, but the last week has been nothing but bad policy decisions. tibunals, don’t ask don’t tell, releasing photos… #
  • RT @Karoli: @verucablue: Pfizer is offering free Viagra for ppl who get laid off. The slogan writes itself, y’all. (oh, thank you for that) #
  • RT @colombiancoffee: My take on Newt Gingrich: Go Away! #
  • RT @goodlaura: RT @zaibatsu: Everyone pray for @BuzzEdition her son was in a motorcycle accident. <–sending my prayers. #
  • …bu?u?o? s???

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