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By | April 18, 2009
  • Happy Easter/Spring celebration/end of spring break, everyone!!! #fb #
  • sorry, but there is no way that I *CANNOT* laugh at both the teabagging movement and 2M4M. Seriously, these have to be jokes, right? #fb #
  • Wow, I actually woke up *before* my alarm clock rang. Out of bed by 4:35. That is so un-me! #fb #
  • Tried out Seesmic Desktop ‘cuz of supposed #facebook integration. Um, hello? Where’s my Facebook stuff? #
  • My inner teen is still giggling at the thought of #2M4M #teabagging the White House. I think the names were from a mole in both orgs. #fb #
  • I notice that, nowadays, it is much less likely to see a woman in a dress/skirt than in pants. Wasn’t it 50/50 5 years ago? #fb #
  • Spoiler? John Locke is so much nicer now that he is back from the dead. Who knew death can mellow a person? #lost #
  • Jon Stewart: “America’s first openly-gay White House dog.” Now THAT was funny! #fb #
  • Hmmm… just got a weather alert that there’s a possibility of a big snow storm starting tomorrow night through the wknd. #denver #fb #
  • LOL! Stephen Gordon on #maddow last night: “republican officials… can’t tell if their teabags are swinging from the left or the right.” #
  • Can anyone give recommendations for babysitters/daycare in #denver or #highlandsranch? Looking for someone on Fridays starting in June. #fb #
  • To my Conservative friends: “Liberal” is not a bad word. To my Liberal friends: “Conservative” is not a bad word. Demonize = trivialize. #fb #
  • A comment on 9News.com: “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets teabagged.” #
  • I’ve so gotta get one of these: http://bit.ly/GJgV #fb #
  • Very important safety tip: Don’t fuck with Desmond, nor the love of his life. He’ll knock the shit out of you. #lost #
  • Out of bed at 5:36, out the door at 5:54 to catch the 6:10 train. Sometimes I can shower/dress/breakfast damned fast. #fb #
  • RT @Karoli: Liked “Those who think the #teaparty was abt protesting the overcomplex tax code – well, Obama’s your man.” http://ff.im/-29fOj #
  • Ayup. RT @shawnz: Legendary sports broadcaster John Madden is retiring after over 30 years[…] Madden said, in a statement, “It’s time.” #
  • RT @Noetical: RT @AnaMarieCoxShow “Teabagging Across America” @AnaMarieCox on @Maddow talk #teaparties (4/15) http://bit.ly/AMCT #
  • If you wear a sleek, tight, super form-fitting black skirt with a thong underneath, is it okay for others to glance as you walk by? #fb #
  • John Oliver is now officially my favorite Daily Show correspondent. His delivery is SO funny, ‘specially when he is mock offended. #fb #
  • Hmmm.. wondering if it is worth braving the storm to go get some good coffee at Common Grounds. #fb #
  • RT @ACLU: Torture memos now available. http://www.aclu.org/olcmemos #

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