Microblogging from Twitter on: 2009-03-28

By | March 28, 2009
  • Just figured out how to filter applications from the News Feed on Facebook. FTW!!! #fb #
  • Cool tips for the New Facebook: http://is.gd/phuY #
  • RT @zaibatsu: Sad: Cop Stops NFL Player From Reaching Dying Mother-N-Law In Front of Hospital http://bit.ly/8Swd PLZ RT #
  • How is it that I make a better latte using Starbucks coffee than #Starbucks does? #fb #
  • y’know, after all these years, I still really, really love Huey Lewis & the News. #musicfriday #
  • Finished watching a couple of #office episodes. I think I have a crush on Jenna Fischer now. šŸ™‚ #fb #

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