Microblogging from Twitter on: 2009-03-24

By | March 24, 2009
  • Disappointed by #bsg finale. Angels? Long exposition in middle of battle? Action finished in the first hour? I did like Starbuck’s finale. #
  • Aww, man, I just tossed my earbud into my coffee. That is wrong on a couple different levels…. #fb #
  • RT @rigel2100: #BSG The metal BSG version of “All Along the Watchtower” http://is.gd/oyyE. So awesome. #
  • The following RT sums up my feelings perfectly: @Donkenator: #bsg. *sigh* not disappointed, just hoping for something different. #
  • Ooops… I left my lunch in my car. Which is a 35 minute light rail ride from here. Looks like I am eating out today. #fb #
  • I found some interesting options with the #xfce compositor. transparent windows during move/resize. Tried transparent inactive windows. #

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