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By | March 7, 2009
  • For the first time in a bit, I don’t have any maladies to report. Day: good so far. #
  • Los Lobos and Barenaked Ladies day today. #amarok loves me. 🙂 #
  • Watching/listening to http://rifftrax.com riff of the first Harry Potter. Ingenious. Hysterical! Tho now I’ll never see this movie the same. #
  • http://rachel.msnbc.com. Worth a daily visit, and about 40 minutes of your time. #
  • y’know, there are times when I am very good at my job. And other times when I am good at my job. I don’t think I ever suck at it, either. #
  • Went for a walk around LoDo. Let my knee let me know when I was done. Now bagel and rigatoni for lunch. MMMmmm #
  • Conference calls are boring when you have nothing to do but listen. #
  • Riding the train into work. Lost ‘cuz I forgot my PDA, so I don’t get to read my book today. #
  • RT @CNETNews: Google’s CEO calls economy ‘pretty dire’ http://tinyurl.com/dfe3f6 #
  • More coffee, please! ¡Más café, por favor! #
  • Yeah, my contact lens case is pink. You got a problem with that? #
  • I read almost exclusively on my Palm TX. It’d rock if Amazon came out with #kindle software for #PalmOS. #
  • Day: Good. Week: half-over. tonight? dinner with friends. #
  • For all of us who miss the Rocky Mountain News: http://www.iwantmyrocky.com/ #
  • On the train heading home. Have a good eve’n, everyone. #
  • Jon Stewart: “If I listened to CNBC, I could’ve had a million dollars… assuming I started with $100 million.” #
  • RT @Karoli: I don’t mind being called a socialist. After all, half my 401k and my job was sacrificed to the capitalists. payback’s a bitch. #
  • Republican leaders are guilty of transference: They’re trying to create a distraction, so they accuse the Dems of doing so. #
  • Z had a temp of 104, plus body aches. C has a slightly high temp, congestion and cough. D had tmp and runny nose. Long wknd ahead, I think. #
  • I’ve spent a lot of the morning trying to destroy a hard drive. I don’t think the platters can survive multiple 6′ drops. #
  • Gmail is chipping away my wariness. I have now set up all of my various email addresses to forward to my Gmail account. #
  • I meant to go to bed early. It’s after 10:00, so I didn’t quite make it. Turning in now though. g’night! #
  • this is going to be a LLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGG day #
  • Wow, C just asked if he could take a nap. I can’t remember the last time he did that. Poor little man. #
  • How friggin’ awesome was it to see Rob Cordry drop by The Daily Show? #
  • All three kids napped ’til after 6:00. I can never decide whether to let sick kiddos nap really late. #
  • Sylar saying “Mommy” on #Heroes? I thought the whole “daddy search” thing was bad enough… #
  • #bsg was… hmmm…. I’ll have to think on it a bit. It still seems like a lot more talking ’bout stuff than actually showing anything. #
  • #bsg maybe they needed to save on budget so they could spend it all on the last two eps? #
  • just finished cleaning, now paying bills. This day could definitely be more fun… #
  • #rifftrax: “Hermione casts the ‘give Ron a boner’ spell.” God, I love the genius’s at http://rifftrax.com #

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