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By | February 22, 2009
  • Colin just said, ‘I am sorry I was so drama today.’ #
  • Parents: if you kid doesn’t like dinner, do you give them something else, or let them not eat dinner? #
  • Going to bed. NyQil is GoodStuff! #
  • Working today was too optimistic. Going back to bed; don’t expect to see me anytime soon #
  • Ugh worst cold ever. Heading to urgent care once it opens. Second time in 2 wks. #
  • Bronchopneumonia laryngitis? Apparently that’s what ails me. #
  • Namaste CEO just keeps going on and on and on… someone give him the hook! #
  • ooops, President Obama called Rep. DeGette Rep. DeJette. #
  • there’s a generic z-pack now! I thought that was so cool. #
  • http://www.recovery.gov/ – how well will it be able to handle the requests that are about to hit it? #
  • hehehe “I’ve gotta use 10 pens here.” #
  • For those of you who want to be scared…. It is ME! http://tinyurl.com/bw7dwd #
  • Oh, hey, the multimedia buttons on the front of my laptop started working again in Ubuntu. I love it when a problem resolves itself. šŸ™‚ #
  • The truth they say
    Is hidden away
    To those who would seek
    And truly try to find
    The end of the day #
  • Mario -vs- Spartan 2. A little too long, but otherwise quite fun: http://tinyurl.com/dkuf2s #
  • #bsg – a “breather” episode, allowing us to catch our breath from the non-stop action of the last couple of eps. #
  • Wow, for the first time this week, I am actually feeling better! Good sleep last night. Still hard to breathe on exertion, but better. #
  • The medicine/antibio mix I am on is working well, but fools me. I think I am all better, then I try to talk or take a deep breath. uggh #
  • Anyone else having a hard time swallowing Sylar’s quest on #Heroes? Though I loved, “If you don’t stop trying to be my friend….” #
  • Holy crap! I think I’ve been understimating how serious pneumonia can be…. http://pneumoniafacts.com/#How serious is pneumonia #
  • Note to self: do not refer to a customer as Mikey instead of Mike… #
  • I am once again amazed at how much more productive I am at home than in the office. Don’t ask me why, but it is true. #
  • Chuck Prophet should skip ballads… or at least they aren’t his strong point. #
  • busy, busy day! #
  • watching Rachel Maddow Show from yesterday. Rachel is so cool and calm, even when doing a hostile interview with Gov Pawlenty (R). #
  • ???u

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