Photo: Counter gay-basher at the DNC

By | August 26, 2008

Protestor at the DNC

More pics to follow, I just liked this one enough that I had to post it now. 🙂

I was at the duelling protests between the brain-dead gay bashers and pretty much everyone else on the 16th Street Mall yesterday. I’m going to put pictures up on my blog ( soon. While the rhetoric was very heated between the two groups, everyone was doing what they were supposed to. No one was stepping off of the curb, everyone was staying where told by the police. The mall shuttles were landlocked ‘cuz of the mass of police officers in the bus lanes, but that was the only major disruption.

I also got to see the kid arrested. I was standing right next to him, then moved across the intersection to take a couple of pics of the line of shuttles. I heard a noise, looked over and saw the kid being picked up and slammed onto the street. It was almost gentle by DPD standards. Another kid ran across the street, muttering, “Oh my god, the cops just beat up my best friend. MY BEST FRIEND!!!” He didn’t stop, just ran down Curtis until he disappeared from view.

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