TalkLeft – a total and complete loss

By | May 24, 2008

I have been more and more bemused by how rabid TalkLeft has become in their support of Hillary Clinton. They are to the point where any credibility they had built is now completely and totally gone. TalkLeft has become nothing but a Hillary Clinton propoganda machine. Anyone who dares question anything about Hillary clinton are immediately labelled as haters or Hillary bashers. This brings to mind the 2004 Carl Rove tactic of labelling anyone who disagreed with the Iraq war as unpatriotic.

To TalkLeft, anyone who points out that Hillary made a mistake is actually slandering Clinton. For example, Jeralyn had this to say about the reaction to Clinton’s reference to Robert Kennedy’s assassination:

The media and blog commenters are engaging in character assassination. She was making a historical statement on why she needn’t drop out of the race by early June. Democratic nominations have gone past that before. Her emphasis was on the word “June.”

The leap that is required to think that her reference to the RFK assassination was in any way a statement or subliminal wish that it might happen to Obama is mind-boggling.

Jeralyn is stating that anyone who views Clinton’s remarks as offensive and reports that are assassinating Clinton’s character. As opposed to simply stating their displeasure with those remarks. This is totally and completely baffling to me. And apparently TalkLeft is no longer willing to engage in any type of conversation on the issue. From Jeralyn:

This will be the final TalkLeft thread on the matter. I’m not going to spend the weekend on this. And I’m going to have a low threshold for accusatory comments. If you want a place to further your attacks on Hillary, go somewhere else.

So, to sum up TalkLeft’s new philosophy: If you are anything less than a rabid Hillary supporter, you are not welcome at TalkLeft, and don’t you even think about posting anything in their comments. Interesting to find out that the Republicans don’t have a monopoly on trying to silence dissention within their ranks.