Bush administration censors global warming info

By | March 9, 2007

Dunno why I am surprised by this. This administration has done this basic action again and again over the last 6 years. But there’s something about this one that seems more arrogant than the others. And more frustrating.

As reported by the New York Times, the Bush administration has basically forbidden government scientists and employees of the Fish and Wildlife Service from discussing issues regarding global warming:

Internal memorandums circulated in the Alaskan division of the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service appear to require government biologists or other employees traveling in countries around the Arctic not to discuss climate change, polar bears or sea ice if they are not designated to do so.

But the Bush administration decided this isn’t Draconian enough:

“Please be advised that all foreign travel requests (SF 1175requests) and any future travel requests involving or potentiallyinvolving climate change, sea ice and/or polar bears will also requirea memorandum from the regional director to the director indicatingwho’ll be the official spokesman on the trip and the one responding toquestions on these issues, particularly polar bears.