Bill Winter and alternative energy

By | September 6, 2006

So why do I like Bill Winter, besides the fact that he is trying to unseat the possibly-racist Tom Tancredo? Aside from being an alternative to Tom, Bill actually has some solid ideas that he is running on. One of those is support for alternative energy sources:

“We may be the only industrialized country in the world that hasn’t
fully connected the dots between energy policy (and) global warming,”
Warner rallied the crowd. “As leaders of the world, (the United States)
could end up reversing the policy (of) ‘let’s go borrow money from
China to buy oil from parts of the world that don’t like us.’ Not only
could we create thousands – if not millions – of American jobs, we
might just save the planet along the way!”

It’s amazing the difference between Winter and Tancredo. It’s like the difference between day and night. Bill Winter is actually sane, intelligent, and cares what happens to the world, and to Colorado. Tancredo just wants to round up and deport all Mexicans, whether they are in our country legally or not. Nothing else matters to him. Or at least it doesn’t appear to.

The choice is obvious, fellow citizens of Highlands Ranch: vote Bill Winter for Congress!

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