The Connecticut for Lieberman Party

By | August 26, 2006

Hehehe… regardless of the URL, I don’t think that this is the official website of The Connecticut for Lieberman Party. It’s far too honest to be the official website:

When it became clear that Lieberman was no longer a real Democrat, he needed a way to hold onto his precious seat in the Senate. He scoured the state to identify the 25 supporters needed to form a political party so that he could still run, even after he loses the Democratic Primary on August 8th. That inspired the formation of Connecticut for Lieberman.

If you hate the democratic process, and agree that people who vote in primaries are just troublemaking radicals, then please support Connecticut for Lieberman. Together we’ll continue fighting to make life more difficult for Connecticut families.

Connecticut for Lieberman – it’s just not a party without Joe Lieberman!

Funny, but in a sad way. ‘cuz while the website is being satirical, there’s also a healthy dose of truth in there, too. Lieberman is basically saying “fuck democracy, fuck the voters, fuck the Democratic party, the only thing that matters is me!”

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