Congressman Pitts makes a bad situation worse…

By | July 12, 2006

Okay, try and stay with me on this one. In a June 14th hearing of the House Subcomittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection, Congressman Joe Pitts, a Pennsylvanian Republican, made the following horrific statement:

During the subcommittee’s period of opening remarks on June 14th, Pitts said, “It’s safe to say that a wealthy kid from the suburbs can play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ without turning to a life of crime, but a poor kid who lives in a neighborhood where people really do shoot cops and steal cars and deal drugs might not be so fortunate. There’s almost certainly a child somewhere in the America who is going to be hurt by this game. Maybe his dad is in jail or his big brother is already down on the corner dealing drugs.”

Jon Stewart rightly flamed Pitts on The Daily Show, referring to Pitts and other House Republican wackos as “insane jackasses.” Pitts decided that, instead of apologizing for his horrifyingly prejudiced statement, he would attack The Daily Show, saying that his statement was portrayed inaccurately. How the above quote can be portrayed inaccurately, I don’t know. And reading the release from the Pitts camp doesn’t make it much clearer. As near as I can tell, Pitts is basically saying, “Don’t pay attention to the words that I actually said. What I realy meant was…” Which IMHO is the cowards way out. Why not just admit, “Yes, I made a horrible remark, and I apologize for it?”

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