Alice Madden to run for Guv?

By | February 12, 2006

According to the Denver Post, Colorado House Majority Leader Alice Madden will tell us this week whether or not she’s going to run for Guv. Though this is probably academic. Madden was on AM760 with Jay Marvin last week (a podcast of the the interview is still available). And while she said she hadn’t made up her mind, she also made more than a few statements about being the only person in the race that did X. Sounds to me like her mind is made up!

As for her chances? Well, Colorado votes Republican for Guv more times than not, but I think she would actually be a stronger candidate than Bill Ritter. Madden can pull in women and minorities, groups that Ritter has alienated because of his anti-choice stance and actions as D.A.

The Democratic primary is going to be much more interesting than expected, I think.

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