Woman Ticketed For Refusal To Show ID On RTD Bus

By | November 29, 2005

Wow… it is scary that this type of thing is happening in Colorado in the year 2005:

Deborah Davis, 50, of Arvada, Colo., told the Rocky Mountain News that the bus she took to work passed through the Federal Center, and that federal officers would routinely board it asking for identification. She said the officers with the Federal Protective Service just looked at the IDs and did not record them or compare them with any lists.

After reviewing her rights, one day in September she refused to produce her ID and she refused their orders to get off the bus. She said she was removed from the bus, handcuffed and ticketed for two petty offenses.

0 thoughts on “Woman Ticketed For Refusal To Show ID On RTD Bus

  1. Bill

    To be clear, the two ‘petty offences’ are federal criminal misdemeanor charges that carry a total of 60 days in prison. I don’t think many people would consider that petty.

  2. Glen McDiarmid

    I commend Deborah Davis for standing up for her rights to privacy – however if you’re going to make a stance, you need to consider the laws and do it in the best possible manner.

    I suggest that next time Deborah wants to make a point, she should go ahead and show her ID card – dressed in a black balaclava and dark sunglasses. Bill, is it an offence to hide ones face? If it is, then the prisons should be brimming with middle eastern women, people that dared to go to fancy dress parties, women who wear lots of makeup, and how about those guys that have hair all over their face?

    You get the point. In our current society, governments need for more surveillance is just as stretched as peoples need for more privacy. The answer lies not with pushing the line either way. The answer is that the democratic society structure that’s been used for centuries no longer works. Why? Too many people, too much tax, too much cheap annonymous communications that are not subject to oversight, and too much oversight that is not sobject to oversight (abuse of government power). Identity Theft *will* see to it that the change will be coming soon. Watch this space.


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