Bad news for Angie Paccione?

ColoradoPols has an interesting article regarding Angie Paccione’s problems raising funds for her run at Marilyn Musgrave:

Early reports are that the fundraising behemoth EMILY’s List has indicated that they are unlikely to back Paccione, and more importantly, the Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Campaign is not likely to support her with the same passion that they backed Stan Matsunaka in 2004. Paccione is apparently getting frustrated at the lack of support she has received thus far after expecting much stronger backing all around.

This is bad news for pretty much everyone. Musgrave may be the most conservative, dangerous Congresspeople in the state. She need to be removed from office yesterday. I was really hoping that Paccione would be the person who could beat her. And Angie could; she is a very intelligent, personable candidate who should play well to the constituency. But she needs money.

One question I have: Why are groups like EMILY’s List not endorsing Paccione?

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