DeLay: everyone is guilty except for me!

By | September 29, 2005

Well, he hasn’t yet come right out and said that, but you gotta know that he’s close. First, he blames a “partisan” prosecutor (one who has previously prosecuted 12 Democrats and 3 Republicans). Now, DeLay is blaming an Austin newspaper for putting pressure on the prosecutor:

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is blaming an editorial in the Austin American-Statesman for pressuring a Texas prosecutor to pursue the criminal case against him.

“It was this renewed political pressure in the waning days of his hollow investigation that led this morning’s action,” DeLay said Wednesday after a grand jury indicted him on a criminal conspiracy charge.

Next up, Delay’s gonna blame the prosecutor’s mother. And if that doesn’t work, he might even blame his own mama.

I wonder what DeLay will say when he’s actually convicted?

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