Diana DeGette comes out swinging over Katrina lack-of-response

By | September 9, 2005

Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette says someone is going to have to take responsibility for the federal government’s “terrible lapse” regarding Hurricane Katrina.

DeGette’s best comment is also her most-quoted: “DeGette says she believes ‘there has to be heads rolling’ over the government’s response to Katrina — calling it ‘un-American, what our country did to neglect these folks.'”

DeGette was 100% correct in her comments. She has once again made me proud that she represents Colorado in Congress. I just wish that she represented my district. Instead, we are stuck with the racist Tom Tancredo, who voted against the Hurricane Katrina relief package because he believes that local governments are to blame for the horrid non-response. Could someone introduce Tancredo to the Real World, please?

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