FBI investigating peaceful demonstrators in Colorado

By | August 3, 2005

Thank goodness that the FBI is keeping us safe from all the terrorists that are staging peaceful protests against the war.

Wait a minute…. Protesting against the war makes a person a terrorist? Apparently the FBI believes so! “The FBI gave the ACLU documents on its investigations into the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and the Colorado American Indian Movement, said Mark Silverstein, legal director for Colorado ACLU.

“‘Many people in this country want law enforcement agencies to investigate terrorism,’ he said. ‘That’s obviously a high priority. I don’t think people support investigating people who pose no threat. And that’s what these documents prove.'”

I support both the RMPJC and Colorado AIM. Both are dedicated to peaceful protests. The FBI is wasting time and money investigating these groups. And worse, by doing this the FBI is engaging in unintentional (I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt) intimdation. People will be less likely to join anti-war protests because they are worried they’ll become a target of an FBI investigation.

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