Rutt Bridges Q&A

By | July 18, 2005

Colorado Pols ran an interesting interview with Democratic Colorado Gubernatorial hopeful Rutt Bridges last week. Which made me ask the obvious question, “Who the hell is Rutt Bridges?”

The answer is, he’s done a lot in the state of Colorado, including founding the Bighorn Center. And he almost ran for the senate seat that Ken Salazar won last year. So apparently, I need to pay more attention to local political news.

Anyway, what made Mr. Bridges stand out to me is this brilliant answer to a question asking about Mr. Bridges view of legalized abortion:

I am a conservative on this issue. I don?t believe that government has the right to dictate the decisions we make in our private lives. I support a woman?s right to choose what is best for her and her family.

But choice means choice. We must ensure that women have viable options. I support a more effective and lower-cost adoption process, wider access to nutrition and prenatal care, and emergency contraception for rape victims. I also support sensible sex education so that our young people can make good decisions. As governor, I?ll work hard to ensure that abortion is safe and legal, but, most importantly, also rare.

That, dear readers, is brilliant. And quoteworthy. And probably should be adopted by the Democratic party as part of its official platform.

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